How I eat

For the last couple of years I've eaten a Primal diet, which is basically the paleo diet + some high-fat dairy and some other foods unknown to the paleolithic man. I'm not obsessive about following the diet, and on average I stick to it for about 80-90 % of the time. To read more about the benefits of eating this way, read the rest of the posts and pages on this … [Read More...]


Muscle imbalances cause swayback and lower back pain

The amount of people experiencing bad posture and back or knee pain is steadily increasing. Modern lifestyle increases the risk of muscle imbalances, bad posture, back pain, knee pain etc., and we are spending billions each year on pharmaceuticals to alleviate the pain. A minimal amount of proper training is a far better long-term option. One of the most common … [Read More...]


My visit to people living as hunter-gatherers on the african coast Part 1: Diet

When I travelled to Senegal I had the chance to visit a region where the lifestyle strongly resembles that of our ancestors. Although poverty is widespread, Senegal is a country with relatively good living conditions compared to other african countries. The big cities are largely affected by modern culture, and common western products can be found in most shops and … [Read More...]